Take Your Kids To Work Day at J. Fletcher Creamer and Son, Inc.

Yesterday’s Take Your Kids To Work Day at J. Fletcher Creamer and Son, Inc. was a resounding success, resonating with the company’s century-long commitment to community support and excellence.

As Creamer welcomed the next generation into their fold, the day unfolded with an abundance of positivity and learning. Each child was greeted with a Creamer goody bag, setting the tone for a memorable experience.

Safety took center stage, with every child outfitted in their own hard hats and safety vests, ensuring their well-being throughout the day’s activities.

They embarked on a comprehensive tour of the facility, gaining firsthand insight into their parents’ contributions to Creamer’s impactful endeavors.

The highlight was the engineering contest featuring balloons, where creativity soared. The gold team’s triumph in building the tallest free-standing tower out of balloons showcased their ingenuity and teamwork, embodying Creamer’s spirit of innovation.

Take Your Kids To Work Day not only fostered a deeper understanding of the company’s operations but also inspired the young participants to dream big and embrace the possibilities of the future. Special thanks to Erin Smith, Christopher Schubert and all the other volunteers for making this event a huge success.