JFC Attends Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference

What J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. delivers on a partnership:

  • Works with clients to provide analysis, design and develop correct solutions
  • Team of experienced Construction Management professionals to execute a safe, successful build
  • National ENR Top 400 Contractor in the U.S.

Flexible Fabric Reinforced Pipe (FFRP)

  • Flexible seamlessly woven Aramid fiber, installed as a new pipe inside existing host pipe with an annular space
  • Unlike CIPP, it does not require curing, steaming or adhesion process
  • Withstands thermal expansion of the host pipe and seismic movements
  • Operating pressure up to 1,189 PSI and Burst Pressure up to 2,987 PSI independent of host pipe
  • Installation through multiple bends up to 45°
  • Long installations up to 8,200 ft/pull, and speeds of up to 33 ft/min
  • Quick re-commissioning for minimal service interruption
  • Minor installation footprint with fewer/smaller access pits resulting in significant reduction in costs, machinery use, and impacts on traffic and environment
  • 50+ Years Service Life

Epoxy Spray In Place

  • Safer and Price Competitive
  • Warren Environmental epoxies are 100% Solids, VOC, and Styrene free
  • Single-coat system applied in 100% humidity and up to 500-mil thickness
  • Combined with SIPP technology that uses a pressurized spray head (spin cast) controlled by a computerized spray rig; they provide structural enhancement and restoration, protect water quality, and offer over 75 years of service life
  • In utilizing SIPP technology (spin casting), it effectively coats the interiors of pipes from 4 to 36 inches in diameter
  • Service connections down to ¾ inch size remain open; unlike CIPP (Cured-in-place Pipe) that requires cutting out all service connections while they are in the process of curing

Cement Mortar Lining

  • In use since the 1930’s
  • Nonstructural Type of Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Centrifugally Applied Mortar Installed in Pipelines diameter 4 inches and Larger and applied lining thickness of 3/16 inches and thicker liner as required
  • Provides a smooth Interior surface that improves Performance & Extends the Life of the Pipe
  • Removes Existing & Prevents Future Internal Corrosion
  • Liner prohibits tuberculation and creates a physical barrier from water interacting with iron in pipe wall
  • Increased Fire Flows & Friction Loss (Hazen-Williams Coefficient)
  • Water Quality Improvements; Reduced Pumping Costs and Increase Life of Pipeline Asset
  • Cost Effective Installation with savings on reduced restoration; community disturbance/obstruction and minimal traffic control

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