Achieving Career Goals with Support: Bridget’s Journey to an MBA at Rutgers








J. Fletcher Creamer & Son Senior Project Engineer Bridget Costellos journey to earning her MBA from Rutgers University is a testament to her determination, hard work, and the invaluable support provided by Creamer’s tuition reimbursement plan.

After graduating from Rowan University with a degree in Civil Engineering, Bridget joined J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, eager to make her mark in the construction industry. Recognizing the importance of leadership and business acumen in her field, she decided to pursue an MBA at Rutgers in September 2019. The tuition reimbursement program at Creamer was definitely something I considered and something that was incredibly helpful in covering the cost of my degree,” Bridget recalls.

The MBA program, with a concentration in Strategic Leadership, provided Bridget with the tools and knowledge to excel in her current role and prepare for future opportunities. “Being in construction isnt just about building; theres a significant business scope involved as well,” Bridget explains. She meticulously chose electives that focused on strategic leadership, earning a certificate in the process.

In her role as a project engineer, Bridget has already seen the benefits of her advanced education. Bridget’s ultimate goal is to transition into a project management role in the future, where she can further apply her skills and knowledge to drive project success.

The support from J. Fletcher Creamer & Son was not limited to financial assistance. Bridget experienced a culture of encouragement and celebration throughout her educational journey. After expressing my interest in going back and starting to take classes, everyone at Creamer was incredibly supportive,” she shares.

Bridgets story is an example of how company initiatives like the tuition reimbursement plan at J. Fletcher Creamer & Son can empower employees to pursue their educational goals, leading to personal growth and professional advancement. Her journey underscores the importance of supportive workplace environments in achieving individual and organizational success.