J. Fletcher Creamer & Son’s Sweet Commitment to Our Troops

In a world where gestures of goodwill often take a backseat, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son stands out with its unwavering commitment to supporting our troops. For several years, the company has been partnering with Soldiers’ Angels, a dedicated organization that provides aid, comfort, and resources to military personnel, veterans, and their families. At the heart of this operation is Patrick DeCicco, a driving force behind Creamer’s candy donation initiative.

Patrick, motivated by his personal connection to the military through his son’s service in the Air Force, took it upon himself to make a difference. In the early days, he single-handedly collected and donated candy. Recognizing the potential impact, Patrick approached Chris Schubert, and together, they internalized the initiative, spreading the word among Creamer’s staff.

The results speak volumes about the company’s dedication. In 2021, Creamer donated an impressive 750 pounds of candy to Soldiers’ Angels. Undeterred, they surpassed this milestone with 1000 pounds in 2022 and an even more remarkable 1075 pounds in 2023. This candy, collected from Creamer’s offices across the region, converges at the Folsom office, which has become a central hub for Soldiers’ Angels donations.

Patrick DeCicco shared, “My son served in the Air Force, and it made him the man he is today. When he went to serve, I realized the financial burdens soldiers often bear, especially around the holidays. I wanted to alleviate some of that burden and show our support.”

The journey of the donated candy doesn’t end in Folsom. From there, it travels to Soldiers’ Angels headquarters in Texas, serving as a reminder of gratitude for our troops. The candy is then distributed globally, reaching soldiers stationed abroad, retired veterans, and those residing in veterans’ homes.

Soldiers’ Angels embraces a mission devoid of political or religious affiliations, focusing solely on supporting the diverse individuals within the United States Military. J. Fletcher Creamer & Son’s annual candy donations have become a beacon of kindness, ensuring that the service and sacrifices of our troops never go unnoticed. As Creamer continues to sweeten the lives of those who protect our freedoms, they exemplify the true spirit of giving back to our heroes.