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Water Main Rehab and Installation

J. Fletcher Creamer & Son Inc. was awarded a project by the Middlesex County Water Company to clean & line existing water mains and  install new pipe in certain locations.  The project included  cleaning & cement mortar lining 38,000 linear feet of 6”, 8" and 16" water mains.  45 hydrants and 103 water services were replaced along with  6", 8" and 16" valves. New construction included 3,600 feet of 8" main.

Prior to the operation of cleaning and cement mortar lining of the existing mains a  temporary by-pass water system was installed. The  by-pass is used to maintain service to any customer on the system where work will be performed.  The project utilized  87,000  feet of temporary by-pass while providing water to 1,140 of Middlesex Water customers. This job was successfully completed in November 2008.

Water Main Rehab and Installation
Middlesex Water Company
Project Location: 
Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Project Status: 
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Utility Construction
Completion Date: 
November 2008