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Virginia Guide Rail Replacement

Creamer contracted with the Virginia DOT to replace and / or install new guide rail throughout the State. Covering 174 sites and installing 41,000 LF of guide rail Creamer crews had their work cut out for them in the planning of crew allocation and locations of work. A temporary facility was set up at Port Royal and work areas and additional material drop sites were coordinated from here.

Using typical guide rail installation trucks and equipment, crews removed old and deficient guide rail from many locations and installed new posts and rail. Traffic control is a major part of guide rail projects and this was no exception. Each and every lane closing or even a minimal interruption of traffic flow has to be coordinated with the proper authorities. Working closely with the authorities' crews were able to maintain the project schedule.


Virginia Guide Rail Replacement
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Project Status: 
Guide Rail
Completion Date: 
May 2013