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Storm Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation


Infiltration  into the storm sewer system through existing  pipe joints was creating unwanted issues for the Hillsborough County Florida Department of Public Works.  The choice was  to repair the leaks or replace the pipe. Considering the funding required the preferred repair method  would have to be economical and one that would minimize disturbance to the landscape as well as the residents of this Tampa area suburb. After researching numerous repair and replace methods along with the associated costs, Hillsborough County determined that the installation of internal joint seals was the most economical and practical solution. Furthermore this  “Trenchless Technology”  would minimize disruption to residents.


In January 2009, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. (Creamer) was contracted by Hillsborough County to supply and install their In-Weg® Internal Seal product. During March of 2009, Creamer certified and trained installation crews safely installed 300 In-Weg® Internal Seals in 3,000 feet of reinforced concrete storm sewer thereby eliminating the problematic infiltration into the storm water system.


 The In-Weg® Internal Seal is a circular rubber gasket that is held in place by  stainless steel bands. For additional information call us at 908-986-5688.  

Storm Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation
Hillsborough County Public Works Department
Project Location: 
Tampa, Florida
Project Status: 
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Completion Date: 
March 2009