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Solar Energy System Installation

Performing solar installations can be a relatively simple task. Creamer found one project that others did not want to touch given the circumstances of the construction. This project was installed in a mountainous area in Rockaway New Jersey. The goal was to install 5 MW of solar, behind the meter, to supplement the energy consumed by the end user.


Twenty-six acres of forest were cleared and the rock surface was adjusted very little. About 3,000 holes were rilled into the rock with track mounted rock drills allowing for the racking supports to be grouted in place. Some slopes were as steep as 30 degrees.


Ground mount was not the only method of installing the solar modules. Roof top installation and canopy supported modules were also installed. The canopy foundations were concrete pads anchored with rock anchors drilled into bedrock.


All of this work followed the approvals that were required as part of the design/build contract.



Solar Energy System Installation
Project Location: 
Rockaway, NJ
Project Status: 
Renewable Energy
Specialty Equipment
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