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Harold J. Dillard Bridge

The replacement of the Court Street Bridge, built in 1908, began in 2010. The Joint Venture of Creamer / Sanzari JV accomplished the task of removing the superstructure of the swing bridge that would be rehabilitated, refurbished and painted, this being first on the priority list.

The original Swing Warren Through Truss Bridge was further examined and it was determined that many original parts could be reused including the side trusses and traffic gates.


New foundations and ancillary work was completed while the rehab process continued. Once all the substructure work was complete and the superstructure was ready, the steel structure was lifted and set back in place and tested. The purpose of the swing bridge in this area of the Hackensack River is to allow for barge traffic. The new bridge now opens in ninety seconds allowing for less interruption of vehicular traffic.


Onec complete the bridge was renamed in honor of fallen U.S. Marine, Harold J. Dillard who was killed in Vietnam. The Harold J. Dillard Bridge was opened to traffic in September 2012.


Harold J. Dillard Bridge
City of Hackensack
Project Location: 
Hackensack, NJ
Project Status: 
Heavy Construction
Completion Date: 
September 2012