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Emergency Water Main Repair

When an 8” blow off on a 60” transmission main was damaged J. Fletcher Creamer & Son was called into action. The existing 60” main, with a capacity of 19 million gallons a day, needed to be shutdown in order to facilitate the repair. The impact of this shut down was felt by many customers so the work needed to be expedited as quickly as possible. With the assets available Creamer once again proved that we are the one to call when an urgent need arises.

The location of the repair on the 60” pipe was partially in a stream. This meant not only did the excavation and pipe repair need to be considered in the plan but so did dewatering. All were accomplished and the line was returned to service quicker than most expected thanks to the hard working, determined and experienced crews of J. Fletcher Creamer &Son, Inc. 

Upon completion of the job a representative from the owners of the pipe spoke glowingly of JFC claiming “I don't think I have seen any crew work harder than they did. The care taken which added to all your hard work was impressive. Thank You.”

Emergency Water Main Repair
Middlesex Water Company
Project Location: 
Manville, NJ
Project Status: 
Completion Date: 
July 2012