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4th of July Emergency Response

On June 30, 2012,  a timber pile supported pipe bridge collapsed in Tinton Falls New Jersey.  This pipe bridge was responsible for carrying the 42" raw water intake line from the adjacent reservoir to the water treatment plant and a 30" and 36' line from the plant for water distribution.


This was a major disaster and the water company knew that they would need a company with the equipment and personnel assets to repair the system  in as short a period of time as possible. The water company called J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. and within two hours crews were on site to begin the very detailed and intricate repair of the water system which fed thousands of homes and businesses.


The first objective was to get a temporary system in place to maintain water to those affected. Crews worked around the clock to install temporary pipe to the plant and from the plant to the distribution system. Connecting the 'new temporary' pipe to the existing created quite an accomplishment. The availability of ductile iron pipe and fusible PVC became the first hurdle. Once on site some of the pipe was laid in the shoulder of the roadway and some behind a guide rail, but all was above ground.


Water service was reestablished shortly. A new design of the pipe bridge and subsequent installation of new piping followed immediately.

4th of July Emergency Response
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Swimming River Road, Tinton Falls, NJ
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